Choosing the Right Chocolate Gift Basket

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Chocolate gift baskets make a great gift for just about any occasion. They’re personal or professional, depending on the basket selected.

For a close friend, of course, you want to pick something that has some of his or her favorite varieties of chocolate. Maybe they like Ghirardelli. Maybe any milk chocolate at all will do. Or maybe a gift basket filled with the unique, decadent chocolates you can imagine will be the perfect gift.

You’ll also want to consider the occasion. For a birthday present for a sports fan, there are chocolate gift baskets with a sports theme. Similarly, there are baskets with golf themes, fishing themes, spring themes, and many more. You might choose a basket of chocolate covered pretzels.

For a wedding anniversary, there are baskets with a more romantic theme. This is a great time to choose the most decadent variety you can find.

A chocolate gift basket is also great to celebrate milestones, such as graduations or special accomplishments. You can find them with appropriate themes in most cases.

For a professional gift basket, you have to consider exactly who you are giving it to. Is the gift basket for an individual, a team, or the whole office?

In any of these cases, you want to keep things very professional, but if the chocolate is to be shared among many people you need to consider the number of people as well as how easily the components will break up. You will also want a good variety to suit a variety of tastes.

If you give a lot of professional gifts, you will probably quickly develop a few favorites that suit your needs best. A great way to ensure that the basket is memorable is to add something from your business to it. Have the basket sent to your office so that you have the opportunity to customize it, then deliver it yourself. If you are sending it to someone far away, this is obviously more difficult, as chocolate needs special packaging to keep it from melting, but this is perfect for your local clients. Some companies may be able to add items at your request, so ask when you order.

Yes, chocolate can get expensive quickly. But the wonderful thing about it is that just about everyone loves it, it is easily shared, and it doesn’t add to the clutter of most people’s homes. You will rarely get a worse complaint than that you’re ruining someone’s diet when you give them chocolate.

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