Important Surfing Preparations

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Surfing is definitely a fun sport to try out — the exhilarating experience of skimming through the waves with the sun and wind on your face — priceless.

However, surfing is not without its risk especially if you’re aiming to overcome the huge, towering swells to cater to your need for a thrill and challenge.

If you want to avoid putting your life at risk for this sport then you need to take extra care with surfing preparations before you challenge the waves.

Let’s take it into consideration that you already have the necessary training and skills to be a good surfer just to avoid a humiliating wipeout while skimming through the swells.

Here are some last-minute preparations you need to consider avoiding getting into a bad situation later on.

1. Equipment Check

The best surfing condition is not only applicable to your chosen surf spot; it is also necessary to check your equipments and gears to make sure that everything is in their perfect condition before you wade out into the surf.

For starters, you need to bring with your safety gears, like a leash that ties your board to your ankle, a GPS tucked somewhere in your wet suit pocket in case you are washed out to sea, and of course, a floatation device or jacket to keep you afloat without having to swim for it.

Also, if you’re going to surf in cold weather then make sure that you keep your body temperature warm by wearing a wet suit to keep the cold off your skin.

2. Survey the Location

No surfer should surf on a beach without knowing what they’re up against. It is an important preparation to scour the surf spot for hidden risks, like shallow areas with coral or sharp rocks, sandbars, or any physical obstacles that can put your life at risk when you surf the waves.

If you’re not familiar with the area then take time to paddle around to inspect the location or ask a local expert to give you some advice.

3. Warm-Up Exercise

Since surfing is a physical activity at best, you need to make sure that your body is in top physical shape before attempting the impossible.

First, it is essential for any surfer to do some warm-up exercises to avoid cramps later on.

Squats and stretching can help unwind those tight leg muscles so you won’t have any trouble keeping your balance. Also, stretching increases muscle flexibility in keeping a firm control on your board is made easy.

Don’t forget to exercise and stretch your arms as well since you will most likely do a lot of paddling and swimming before it’s all over.

There are just the important surfing preparations you need to consider before attempting the waves. Also, you might want to re-assess the size of the waves and wind conditions so you won’t have to face towering waves that you aren’t ready to handle yet.

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