Lake Tahoe: A Unique Vacation Destination

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If you are heading out to Nevada then you must check out Lake Tahoe. That’s because the area is simply gorgeous and there is so much to do. Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake located between Nevada and California. This lake is known worldwide for the beautiful crystal clear waters as well as the amazing views of the mountains that surround this lake on all sides. There are also a lot of ski resorts and different outdoor activities to enjoy and take part in. When you visit Lake Tahoe in Sierra, Nevada, or even on the California side you will have an experience of a lifetime.

One of the best things to do when you are in Lake Tahoe is to drive around the lake. There are so many things you will see and the view is simply marvelous all the way around. One of the exciting things you will encounter is the Stateline and South Lake Tahoe where there are a lot of casinos and plenty of tourists. You will have a lot of fun mingling and gambling, but you should know there are a lot of other things to do around Lake Tahoe that are a lot of fun.

There are some wonderful communities that are more laid back and quieter than Stateside, but they offer plenty of activities and joy for travelers. Some of these communities include Incline Village as well as Tahoe City. You might want to wander around the small towns, take a hike, or just set out and explore.

A great trail to take is the Eagle Lake trail. It is short, about two miles, and there are thousands of hikers that take this trek each year. It leads into Desolation Wilderness and the scenery is simply magnificent, which is why so many tourists head out on the two-mile hike each year. If hiking isn’t your thing then take a paddleboat ride, engage in water activities, or anything else you find that looks like fun. When you are at Lake Tahoe you will have a most enjoyable time and will want to return time and again.

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