Saving money is the building block to the realization of your financial dreams. Saving is a vital step in becoming wealthy. Do not overlook, dismiss, or downplay it. It is am important step  that opens you up to great wealth

Sart focusing on saving which will be the fuel for propelling your financial freedom goals and help you create the awesome lifestyle you always wanted.

I am Enock and will be helping you to become financially independent. This site is about managing your money so you can become wealthy. I share simple but valuable tips that everyone can easily apply to accelerate financial independence. 

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What People Are Saying…

“Should have seen this blog a lot earlier as I missed out on thousands of dollars of credit card rewards by not learning about them sooner too. It’s never too late to start learning. A great way to earn extra money outside of your normal job is to put your car and extra rooms in your house/apartment to use in the sharing economy. You’re already paying for these – so put them to use!”
Adrian Watson
“A great way to earn is with Credit Card bonuses, I left a lot of money on the table by not taking advantage of this easy source of cash sooner. This was because I simply did not know. This blog has changed my outlook”
Cindy Jacobs
Thanks to the knowledge I got here, when my next paycheck comes around, I almost always have some money left over in certain areas like going out to. I take that money, divide into three and send it off for an extra principal mortgage payment, Emergency Fund, and Vanguard VTSAX investment fund. It is usually not a lot, but over time it all adds up. Anytime I get a deal like yearly service credited me my annual payment this year or a friend treats me to dinner out, that money is divided the same way and off it goes.
Silvia Humphreys

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