Smart Money Secret Review: Is This Just Another Scam?

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Smart Money Secret 2021 Review

Thank you for stopping by to check out our Review of  “Smart Money Secret”. 

Drum roll! Most want to know if this program is legit and if it’s any good. 

The short answer is YES!

The Company Behind Smart Money Secret are based in the United States, In Las Vegas. They would have been shut down years ago if there was even a hint of a scam here.

What they’re teaching are very legal and very much proven tricks that people have known about and used for years. 

They’re teaching the very things that other companies are doing and charging $100+ a month to do. Why pay $1,000 to these to do this for you when you can EASILY do it for yourself at a fraction of the cost?

Smart Money Secret really DOES work and the techniques taught yield results.

It puts you in the driving seat and in control of your credit report and score. It  creditors to delete erroneous items they have for you. Sounds simple read on! It really works.

 In this smart money secret review we see if this product can actually fix your credit. 

The Smart Money Secret system was designed by Scott and Alison Hilton. The couple wrote the book and after they overcame their own credit score problems.

After battling with poor credit for 7 years they discovered some secrets that changed everything.

In just two years, they used this to boost their score from the low 500s to over 800 and they are now sharing the secrets to their success with the world.

Scott and Alison Hilton are so confident about the system that they provide a guarantee to improve your credit within 30 days or  you get your money back,

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We all want better credit records and know how frustrating it can become if you need that new car or new home or even emergency but get turned down due to a bad credit score. 

For many people, good credit seems like an impossibility and that is where “Smart Money Secret” comes to your rescue. Solving a great source of stress and anxiety for many people.

There are over 140 million Americans with a credit score below 700. Every single one needs a solution like this.

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Watch Video of Real Users Like You Giving Giving Fantastic Life Changing Testimonies

Smart Money Secret can help you take control of your credit score so you can access much needed financial products, like low-interest mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc.

Smart Money Secret can help you significantly increase your credit score in just a few months. Best of all, it can have long-lasting benefits for your credit.

In our Smart Money Secret review, we will put this credit repair system to the test and tell you if it lives up to the hype.  

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What Do You Get When You Buy Smart Money Secrets? 

When you purchase “Smart Money Secrets” you get the following:

  • The Smart Money Secret Hardcover Book
  • Online Webinar Training Session
  • Letter Templates for Credit Agencies Communiques
  • 30-day Access to the Smart Money Club Members Website
  • Access to Smart Money Secret’s Facebook group

Let’s look at a breakdown of these in more depth below. 

Please know that Smart Money Secret will not settle your debts for you.

You need to contact the crediting agencies on your own but Smart Money Secrets equips you with ALL the information, templates of letters and techniques on how best to go about getting your debts resolved. 

The Smart Money Secret Hardcover Book

The Smart Money Secret hardcover book has 10 detailed chapters discussing a variety of financial subjects helping you in credit resolution.

It is easy to read and written for the non-financial mind so have no fears and is full of valuable content. 

Here’s an outline: 

  •  Chapter 1 – Getting Started. – This explains the basics of credit, including credit scores, how credit is reported, and what kinds of behaviors affect your credit score. 
  • Chapter 2 – Inaccurate/ Incomplete/Unfair/Unverifiable Items Removal –

    This chapter focuses on removing incorrect charges from your credit score, contesting purchases or charges on your account, and navigating public records and filing complaints.
  • Chapter 3 – Advanced Tactics – The third chapter is the “secret” weapons section. 
  • Chapter 4 – Lawsuits – Chapter 4 details the process of filing lawsuits. This information is mostly applicable to extreme cases, and it teaches you how to file lawsuits against credit companies. 
  • Chapter 5 – ChexSystem Removals – This chapter tells you how to remove your name from the ChexSystem.
  • Chapter 6 – Student Loans, Repossessions, and HIPAA – Here you learn how to address the unique challenges associated with student loan debt. 
  • Chapter 7 – Advance Credit Techniques – This section covers more of Scott and Alison Hilton Smart Money Secrets.
  • Chapter 8 – Frequently Asked Question – Includes a list of commonly asked questions and issues surrounding credit and credit reporting.
  • Chapter 9 – Statute of Limitations Charts – A state-by-state breakdown of credit reporting limitations.
  • Chapter 10 – Glossary


The Smart Money Secrets program includes a 60-minute webinar that explains the system in detail.

In the webinar, Scott and Alison walk you through their unique process and show you how to settle your debt for less than you owe. 

Letter Templates

These letter templates are for you to use to contact credit agencies so you can effectively address your debts. They are designed to be as effective as possible.

Most of the letters focus on convincing creditors to reduce or eliminate your debt, but they also cover various other situations. 

Members Site

Your purchase also includes 30 days of free access to the Smart Money Club. This members-only website serves as a central hub for the Smart Money Secret user community to discuss credit secrets and tips.

It’s a great place to find more credit tips and connect with like-minded people.   

Facebook Group

As an option, you can also join the Smart Money Secrets private Facebook group. The group serves many of the same functions as the site..

>>Try Smart Money Secret risk-free 30 days and get a refund if you’re not satisfied<<      

Smart Money Secret repair system provides a proven framework for repairing your credit quickly and effectively.

If you’re struggling with credit and your credit score, Smart Money Secret is a game-changer.

Don’t struggle with your debt in silence. The strategies included in the Smart Money Secret system are not the type you can find for free all over the internet. 

These advanced techniques and strategies are relatively unheard of outside of professional debt collector circles.

It would take years  to research all this exclusive insider information on your own even if you have the know how. 

Start taking control of your finances and start working towards a brighter future. If you think there’s no hope for your credit, you need to look into the Smart Money Secret system before any other solution. It’s affordable. 


Can actually help lower your credit score in a reasonable amount of time

30-day money-back guarantee

Actionable simple advice

Advice on non-traditional methods of handling credit woes


The Final Verdict – Is Smart Money Secret legit? 

A resounding YES. Smart Money Secret is a total game-changer for people struggling with debt, and it can have an enormous impact on your finances and your mental well being.

In addition you have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered if you’re not satisfied. 

>> Ready to fix your credit with the smart money secret? Get started today! <<

Here are some REAL success stories posted by users.

Thanks for reading so far. I hope this article was helpful and you found value in it.

If you reading this and want to improve your credit score Smart Money Credits will tremendously help you. Go for it.

I regular answer questions so leave then it in the comments section.

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